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United States Stamps continued...

Hunting Permit (Duck) Stamps continued...
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
641 nh RW1-68A image#RW1-68A, Beautiful complete Hunting Permit collection on Scott hingeless pages, each stamp handpicked for choice centering and freshness, o.g., n.h., a few of the inevitable gum bend or skips on the early issues, virtually all are extremely fine; certainly one of the finest quality complete collections of hunting permit stamps we have ever offered; #RW1 accompanied by a 1995 PF certificate. (Image) 6,571.00

SOLD for $5,500.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
642 og/nh RW1-67 #RW1-67, 1934-2000 Hunting Permit stamp collection cplt. mint, the vast majority are never hinged including #RW1-2 and a large margined beautifully centered #RW3, four or five stamps are faintly hinged or with other gum flaws, fine-very fine. 5,866.00

SOLD for $2,500.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
643 og 3 image#3, 3c Purple, uncharacteristically well centered, strong color, full clean o.g., lightly hinged, very fine. (Image) 140.00

SOLD for $85.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
644 og 4 image#4, 4c Lilac brown, uncommonly well centered and margined, deeply rich color, o.g., lightly hinged, very fine. (Image) 135.00

SOLD for $80.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
645 og 6 image#6, 6c Lake, a remarkably choice mint example, featuring precise centering within especially large margins, stunning deep luxuriant color and a particularly vivid impression on fresh white paper, full clean o.g. with only a faint trace of hinging, extremely fine; actually a very scarce stamp to find in this outstanding quality; 1980 PF and 1997 APS certificates. (Image) 125.00

SOLD for $250.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
646 og 7 image#7, 8c Violet brown, exceedingly well centered within wide margins, rich color, full clean o.g., barest trace of hinging (if any), extremely fine; a select quality example; 1984 PF certificate. (Image) 140.00

SOLD for $270.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
647 S 8S image#8S, 10c Brown, Ty. I, with "Specimen" overprint, outstanding centering, rich bright color, clean o.g., lightly hinged, extremely fine; the Specimen overprints are especially challenging to find in premium quality; 1984 PF certificate. (Image) 175.00

SOLD for $200.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
648 og 8 image#8, 10c Brown, Ty. I, exceptionally well centered within large balanced margins, strong color, o.g., lightly hinged, extremely fine and choice; 1998 APS certificate. (Image) 47.50

SOLD for $130.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
649 S 10S image#10S, 15c Olive green, with "Specimen" overprint, sumptuously rich color and a razor-sharp impression on fresh white paper, well centered, o.g., very fine and uncommonly choice. (Image) 175.00

SOLD for $180.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
650 og 10 image#10, 15c Olive green, deep luxuriant color and a sharp detailed impression on fresh white paper, extraordinarily well centered as well, large part o.g., extremely fine. (Image) 150.00

SOLD for $95.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
651 og 11 image#11, 50c Orange, brilliantly fresh color, nearly full o.g. (certificate states "part o.g."), very fine; 1994 APS certificate. (Image) 350.00

SOLD for $55.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
652 og 12 image#12, $1.00 Black, exceptionally well centered, strong color and impression, o.g., extremely fine; this high value is very seldom encountered this well centered; 1985 PF and 1997 APS certificates. (Image) 350.00

SOLD for $300.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
653 ogc U1/13, UE1 #U1/13, UE1, Mint postal envelope collection of thirteen different envelopes, complete for all values except 2c Rose with blue interior and 10c Black "Provisional Government/1893" with blue interior, but includes the 4c Red, 5c Blue and 10c Black with blue interiors, all are crisp and do not show wear, though two or three items have some minor spots of toning, fine-very fine with most very fine or better. 1,584.00

SOLD for $600.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
United States Large Lots and Collections
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
654 og Valuable old-time collection to 1944 in a springback album, 19th century is a mix of unused and used including #1-2, 1857 Issues to 90c with several unused, 1861 Issues include unused values to 90c and various grills to 90c, 1869 Pictorial are complete unused (only one 15c value) with some additional used values, from the Bank Notes onward the collection is mostly unused or mint with many high-cataloging stamps such as 90c Bank Notes, commemoratives complete including the Columbian and Trans-Mississippi sets, Bureau Issues to $5.00, strong Washington-Franklins including dollar values and coil pairs, air posts complete including the Graf Zeppelin set, and some other back-of-the-book, the early issues are in mixed condition, the 20th century is generally o.g. and fine-very fine; the total catalog value is huge and, despite the uneven condition, there is plenty of commercial value to justify our conservative estimate. Est. 20,000-30,000

SOLD for $35,000.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
655 ogO Valuable collection balance to 1954 in two Scott Hingeless albums, 19th century mostly used including #2, unused #3-4, 1851 Issues include all four 10c types, 1857 Issues include all seven 1c types, 10c Type IV, unused 90c, 1861 Issues to 90c including grills, and some of the scarcer "C", "D" or "Z" grills with certificates, 1869 Pictorials to 90c plus some re-issues, Bank Notes to 90c, from 1893 onward the collection is largely mint, including Columbians complete less the $4.00, Trans-Mississippis complete ($2.00 used), both Bureau issues to $5.00, 1902 Issue to $5.00, nice group of Washington-Franklins including high values, bluish papers and coils, nearly complete from 1922 on, air post complete including the Graf Zeppelin set, also used postage dues, a nice run of mint officials, Offices in China complete, parcel post complete, some Confederate States, and more, the condition is rather mixed, however much of the 20th century is o.g. and fine-very fine; this should prove to be quite a useful lot; fifteen (mostly PF) certificates accompany. Est. 15,000-20,000

SOLD for $32,500.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
656 og/nh Balance of a major United States stamp collection housed in three hingeless albums, well over 3,000 different items (including souvenir and miniature sheets), beginning with 1851 issues and continuing through 1997, almost all are mint or unused, with only a few scattered used classics, the 19th century while spotty has an impressive number of scarce to rare mint/unused stamps, although the quality is decidedly mixed, with many stamps having minor to sometimes major flaws, for example there are values to the 30c in the 1857-61 issues, the 1861-66 issues to the 24c, several grills, various 1869 Pictorials to the 30c (including a couple of re-issues), Bank Notes to the 90c, there are Bureau issues to the $5.00, Columbians include the $1.00 to $5.00 (less the $2.00), once one moves on to 20th century issues the overall quality of the collection picks up considerably and contains a large number of medium priced stamps in salable condition, with a valuable run of Washington-Franklin heads, many of which are never hinged, includes coil singles and pairs (non-genuine items not counted in our evaluation), early commemoratives are nice as well, from about the mid-1920's on the collection is nearing completion and is quite clean, back-of-the-book material is modest and is limited to air posts (including n.h. #C1-6), special deliveries, a few parcel posts and Offices in China; as previously mentioned the 19th century is in very mixed condition, but improves as the collection continues, early material is either o.g., unused or occasionally regummed, later material includes many n.h. stamps; the overall catalog value will prove to be quite high, certainly well in excess of $100,000.00; 33 PF or PSE certificates accompany. Est. 10,000-15,000

SOLD for $23,000.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
657 ogO High cataloging collection balance to about 1930 in a Lighthouse hingeless album, with high value used and unused classics (many cataloging over $1,000.00 each) in very mixed quality and better mint 20th century in fine-very fine condition that includes a decent group of Washington-Franklin heads, also a little back-of-the-book; as mentioned above, the condition ranges from faulty to clean saleable very fine stamps, and therefore inspection is paramount. Est. 7,500-10,000

SOLD for $17,000.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
658 O Used collection to 1934 in a Nicklin album, starts with the Bank Note issues including three 90c values, Bureau issues to $5.00 (two), Washington-Franklins including #523, air posts complete including the Graf Zeppelin set, and some other back-of-the-book, mixed condition, fine or better appearing. Est. 1,000-1,500

SOLD for $1,900.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
659 ogO Mostly mint 20th century balance of singles, blocks, plate blocks and sheets, singles are mainly regular issues from the 1920's, many plate and position blocks of the imperforate issues from 1908-09, also plate blocks of #C1-3, C18 and RW13, also some Bureau Issue plate strips, #505 in a block of nine and #C13 block, sheets include two panes of #C24, o.g., much n.h., generally fine-very fine; a very useful lot of saleable material. Est. 3,000-4,000

SOLD for $8,500.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM
660 og/nh 236/725, C1/QE4 #236/725, C1/QE4, Desirable high quality mint collection balance of over 250 stamps on White Ace pages, containing issues from 1893 through 1932, the large majority of the stamps having been selected by a meticulous collector with an eye for exceptional centering, large margins and freshness of color, while some of the early commemoratives (Columbians, including 30c and 50c, and the Pan-Americans cplt.) are not quite as choice as the rest of the collection, stamps from this early period are nevertheless sound and salable, from about 1900 on the regular issues are the most impressive part of this balance containing a large number of modestly priced stamps that were acquired by the collector on an individual basis, often at substantial premiums over their catalog values, we note some particularly choice Washington-Franklin stamps (including coil singles), there are some back-of-the-book issues such as air posts, special deliveries, postage dues and parcel post postage dues, all of the stamps have o.g., and a great number are n.h., all are fine-very fine or better, with an impressive number of extremely fine stamps present; eight PF certificates and one APS certificate accompany. 5,500.00+

SOLD for $6,250.00
Closing..Dec-12, 03:00 PM

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