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United States Postal Stationery Cut Squares and Entires continued...

Postal Cards continued...
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
1001 ogc UX32, a, 33, a, b #UX32, a, 33, a, b, "1 Cent" surcharge on 2c Red on buff, dies I-II, extensive mint collection of the different city types, the scarcer die I card has a total of 32 cards representing 31 of the 42 cities, two cards have inverted surcharges, the die II cards have a total of 46 cards representing 42 out of 45 different cities, lacking only Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah, and Detroit, Michigan, two of these are major rarities with only one example of Ogden known mint, also four extra varieties, cards are uniformly clean and fresh, any flaws present are extremely trivial, very fine-extremely fine (UPSS #S44-1/44-44, S45-1/44-44; $3,981.50). 2,591.50

SOLD for $1,500.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
1002 ogc UX32 var. image#UX32 var., "1 Cent" surcharge on 2c Red on buff, die I, double surcharge, one inverted, mint example of the type overprinted at Manchester, NH, the UPSS catalog notes that there is only one example of this variety recorded mint or used, and in addition the Manchester type is a very scarce type with a normal card priced at $200.00, very fine; ex-Beachboard. (Image) Est. 400-500

SOLD for $300.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
1003 ogc UX33d var. image#UX33d var., "1 Cent" surcharge on 2c Red on buff, die II, triple surcharge, one inverted, New York cancelling machine type, fresh and very fine; UPSS catalog notes that only one example of this variety is recorded mint or used, it also notes that it is believed this was made by favor, something that apparently happened with several items from this post office, nevertheless a wonderful and highly collectable item for the specialist of these issues (UPSS #S45-29bf). (Image) Est. 200-300

SOLD for $240.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
1004 ogc UX44b image#UX44b, 2c FIPEX with dark violet blue ovpt. omitted, lovely fresh mint example of this striking error, extremely fine (UPSS #S61aa). (Image) 625.00

SOLD for $475.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
1005 ogc UX47 var. image#UX47 var., "One Cent/Additional/Paid" surcharge on 2c Carmine, inverted surcharge at bottom left, fresh unused card with the General Electric advertisement print on the reverse, so-called "G-E" type 2 surcharge inverted at bottom, a select fresh example of this error, with punch hole at left as all have, extremely fine (UPSS #S64-2f). (Image) 500.00

SOLD for $280.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
1006 ogc UX120b image#UX120b, 15c Buffalo, printed on both sides, both impressions are properly placed having all colors, one impression only very slightly lighter than the other, crisp and fresh, extremely fine; of the 80 examples found 40 were destroyed and only 38 mint cards are known to exist (UPSS #S137aa). (Image) 450.00

SOLD for $280.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
1007 ogc UX120c image#UX120c, 15c Buffalo, normal printing on front, black and blue only printed on reverse, striking error with strong impressions of the two colors on the reverse in the proper position, fresh and crisp, extremely fine; only two uncut blocks of four and twelve singles are known to exist (UPSS #S137ab). (Image) 650.00

SOLD for $425.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
1008 ogc UX120e image#UX120e, 15c Buffalo, black, yellow, blue and tagging omitted, a most unusual error showing the design in magenta only, crisp and clean, extremely fine; not listed in the UPSS catalog, another example of this was offered in our 2001 William S. Floyd Collection sale, thought then to be the unique listing example, but certainly no more than two to five examples exist. (Image) 1,000.00

SOLD for $600.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
1009 ogc UX120f image#UX120f, 15c Buffalo, black, cyan and tagging omitted, mint example of this very striking error of which only one example has been reported according to the UPSS catalog, fresh and crisp, extremely fine; 2000 PF certificate (UPSS #S137ag). (Image) 1,500.00

SOLD for $1,000.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
1010 ogc UY9,9d,10 #UY9, 9a, 10, "1 Cent" surcharges on 2c+2c Red on buff paid reply cards, mint collection of twelve of the fourteen different city types, lacking only Detroit and Des Moines, but including the scarce San Francisco which has been folded, all the other eleven are fresh mint unfolded cards, the Atlanta card shows the variety of the surcharge only on the reply portion, also includes a mint folded example of this same surcharge by printing press which was also done in San Francisco, very fine-extremely fine (UPSS #MR16-1b/16-14, 17; $985.00). 630.00

SOLD for $210.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
1011 ngc UZ1 image#UZ1, 1c Black official, unused card with Postal Savings printed address and Post Office form on the reverse as all examples have, bright and crisp, extremely fine. (Image) 550.00

SOLD for $500.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM
Postal Card Collection Lot
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
1012 ogc UX3/196, UY5/15a #UX3/196, UY5/15a, Comprehensive quality mint postal card collection of over 200 different mint cards up through 1994, plus three paid reply cards, neatly housed in a special Scott album for postal cards, all are mint except for unused and used examples of #UX27C, and preprinted cards with the two types of "G-E" surcharges as always, only the very scarce issues are missing, and this collection is especially desirable in that the collector was exceptionally condition conscious, all are fresh crisp mint examples of each issue with hardly any exceptions, very fine-extremely fine; a wonderful basis to build a complete premium quality collection. 3,483.50

SOLD for $1,200.00
Closing..Dec-13, 09:00 AM

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