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United States Stamps continued...

1901 Pan-American Issue
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
421 og image#294a, 1c Pan-American, Center Inverted, an incredibly choice mint example of this popular 20th century error rarity, with this particular copy being especially desirable due to its exceptional overall qualities, not the least of which is its marvelous freshness, with gorgeous intense colors and impression, additionally it is extraordinarily well centered and margined, especially when compared to the existing population, clean full o.g. that has been only lightly hinged, certainly extremely fine considering all of its attributes; while it is estimated that 600 to 700 One Cent Pan-American Inverts are known, only a small percentage exist in this premium condition, as the vast majority typically are found off center, with small faults or with disturbed original gum; 1996 PF certificate. (Image) 9,500.00

SOLD for $13,500.00
Closing..May-21, 04:00 PM
422 O image#297, 5c Pan-American, superb used example, extraordinarily large and perfectly balanced margins all around (including at top and bottom which are often seen much more tightly margined), gorgeous prooflike colors and impressions on bright fresh paper, light target cancel confined to bottom left corner, extremely fine; a striking used gem; 2001 PSE certificate. (Image) 14.00

SOLD for $95.00
Closing..May-21, 04:00 PM
423 O image#298, 8c Pan-American, marvelously well centered, large margins, deep rich colors, neat and light double oval registry cancel, extremely fine and quite choice; 2001 PSE certificate. (Image) 50.00

SOLD for $80.00
Closing..May-21, 04:00 PM
424 O image#299, 10c Pan-American, select used example which features lavishly large margins which are most uncharacteristic of this, deep rich colors, oval registry cancel, extremely fine; 2001 PSE certificate. (Image) 25.00

SOLD for $45.00
Closing..May-21, 04:00 PM
1902-1903 Regular Issues
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
425 O image#300-10, 1c-50c 1902-03 Regular Issue, an amazing "set" of used singles, each having been carefully selected for their outstanding centering, margins, color and lack of the usual flaws typically associated with such stamps, most with light cancels, very fine-extremely fine; an impossibly challenging group to assemble; all but the 1c accompanied by individual 2000-2003 PSE or APS (1) certificates. (image 425a) (image 425b) (Image) 61.75

SOLD for $375.00
Closing..May-21, 04:00 PM
426 O image#311, $1.00 Black, gem used single, possessing huge perfectly balanced margins, deep rich color, light strike of double oval registry cancel, extremely fine; a striking jumbo; 1988 PF and 2003 PSE certificates. (Image) 75.00

SOLD for $150.00
Closing..May-21, 04:00 PM
427 O image#312, $2.00 Dark blue, exceptionally well centered, large margins, especially deep and luxuriant color on bright paper, light neat strike of a double oval registry cancel, extremely fine; quite elusive in this choice used condition; 1999 PF certificate. (Image) 200.00

SOLD for $350.00
Closing..May-21, 04:00 PM
428 O image#313, $5.00 Dark green, an incomparable used example, being in the finest condition imaginable, boasting absolutely flawless centering amid huge margins, but just as impressive is this stamp's truly prooflike color and impression on immaculately white paper, very lightly face-free cancel at top, superb; quite likely one of the finest used Five Dollar 1903 Issue in existence: a stamp for the perfectionist; 1985 PF certificate. (Image) 750.00

SOLD for $3,500.00
Closing..May-21, 04:00 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
429 og image#LO3, (1c) Blue on rose Carrier, government reprint, gem mint example, four uniformly large margins, brilliantly fresh, prooflike color and impression, pristine o.g., barest trace of hinging (if at all), extremely fine gem. (Image) 50.00

SOLD for $85.00
Closing..May-21, 04:00 PM
Collection Balance
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
430 O #11/309, The Balance of the remarkable Dr. Robert Hinrichs collection of used United States stamps, an astonishing assemblage of 192 items consisting of all the stamps which could not be lotted individually due to their modest catalog values ranging from 40c to no more than $135.00 for any one stamp, however their overall quality (for the most part) is just as impressive as found on all of the stamps offered as separate lots in the sale catalog, as Dr. Hinrichs literally scoured all of the leading U.S. retail dealers' stocks and internet sites for the past several years searching for "perfect" used examples of even the most modestly priced stamps, rejecting most which were offered due to the presence of small faults or they failed to pass "extension" with clean new certificates, so the end result is a marvelous array of stamps in superior condition that were acquired, in most instances, at multiples of their catalog values (often at incredible multiples), while there are a few early classic issues included, the vast majority of stamps are from the various Bank Note and Bureau issue series; an occasional small flaw is noted, but the great majority of stamps are fault free and have outstanding color, centering, margins and cancellations, largely very fine-extremely fine; an incredible 78 stamps are accompanied by PF or PSE certificates; literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the used collector, retailer or internet entrepreneur. 2,764.95

SOLD for $11,000.00
Closing..May-21, 04:00 PM

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