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Cayman Islands continued...

Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
2381 og/nhO S.G. #1/191 S.G. #1/191, 1900-1966 Substantial working accumulation of mint and used on stock pages and album pages, literally hundreds of stamps in singles and various multiples including a full double-pane sheet of 120 of the 1/4p Brown George V (S.G. #40), the largest portion are representations of each of the issues from Queen Victoria to King George VI, we note many mint and used singles, mint blocks of various sizes with a number of plate blocks of twelve, especially the George V 3p Purple on yellow showing various printings, most are in plate blocks of twelve but there are larger multiples as well all the way up to a full left pane of 60, the used show a range of cancels that were used from the various locations for the period of each issue, we also note varieties and some "Specimen" overprints throughout, there is a modest amount of later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II issues included on album pages, condition varies but overall is quite nice, mint has o.g. and many are never hinged in the multiples, largely fine-very fine throughout; an excellent and useful accumulation with catalog value that will total a rather substantial sum; well worth examining (Scott #1/179). Est. 3,000-4,000

SOLD for $7,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
2382 c S.G. #5/28, MP2 S.G. #5/28, MP2, 1902-08 King Edward VII postal history collection of 23 covers and two fronts, most are properly rated commercial covers, starts with two 2 1/2p Bright blue of the 1902 issue on covers to the United States, the earliest being June 6, 1902 with Georgetown Type 3a cancel, three covers are present with the 1905 issue including a 1907 cover with fourteen 1/2p Green on large double rate registered cover to the United States, also a 1p Carmine on Empire rate cover to Jamaica and 2 1/2p on nice commercial usage to the United States, the rest are franked with the Postage and Revenue series, most paying in various ways the 2 1/2p rate to the United States or the 1p Empire rate including 1p Carmine on two picture post cards, plus a 1908 manuscript provisional local cover, condition varies but most are fine-very fine for these earlier period covers (Scott #5/24). Est. 750-1,000

SOLD for $3,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
2383 c S.G. #27/82 S.G. #27/82, 1913-25 W.T. Wilson cover collection of sixteen petite covers with his neat script address, both hallmarks of this early dealer's covers, includes a couple King Edward VII frankings, eleven of the early King George V issues including nine with the various war stamps, and three of the 1921-26 King George V including a 5/- on multiple Crown and "CA" watermarked paper, nearly all are registered as usual, with various registry labels and markings, includes a couple from Cayman Brac with registry labels, very fine (Scott #23/62, MR1/7). Est. 400-500

SOLD for $675.00
Will close during Public Auction
2384 c S.G. #40/47 S.G. #40/59, 1912-20 King George V cover collection of 33 covers including sixteen with war stamp frankings, a total of eighteen are registered covers with various registry labels and markings, most are to the United States paying the 2 1/2p foreign letter rate or 4 1/2p registered letter rate, we note a couple with 4p frankings combined with a 1/2p and two 6p single frankings paying the double rate registered fee to the United States, also three 3p covers including two Empire rate registered covers to England and Jamaica, plus a pair and a single on large registered cover to the United States paying the quadruple rate, fine-very fine and nice postal history lot (Scott #32/45, MR2/7). Est. 750-1,000

SOLD for $2,400.00
Will close during Public Auction
2385 c S.G. #60/76 S.G. #60/76 1921-26 King George V postal history collection of 37 covers showing an interesting range of values and usages, fourteen are registered covers, many to the United States making the 4 1/2p rate in a variety of ways plus a 1/- single franking cover, also includes covers to Jamaica, Cuba and Scotland, there are several domestic covers including two registered covers from Boddentown to Stake Bay and a cover from West Bay to Georgetown, also includes unusual usages such as Paquebot and ship covers and three inbound covers with Cayman Islands stamps used as postage dues, etc., overall fine-very fine and a nice collection with many interesting covers (Scott #50/66) Est. 750-1,000

SOLD for $1,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
2386 c S.G. #84/111 S.G. #84/111 1932-35 King George V interesting postal history collection containing over 60 covers of the late period of this King's reign, includes a nice selection of 27 covers of the 1932 Centenary issue, we note two covers to Scotland with 2p and 6p frankings respectively tied by Boddentown c.d.s., Type 3, there is also a large piece of parcel post wrapper with a rare 5/- commercially used, a couple of postage due usages, plus a large registered O.H.M.S. cover to Hawaii with 1/4p to 1/- complete, other issues include nine covers with 1935 Jubilee issues including two set covers, one a FDC, then there is an excellent selection of the 27 covers with the 1935 Pictorial issues including interesting frankings and usages, there are a couple of Little Cayman postings including a nice registered cover to England with 3p Black and Olive green tied by Little Cayman pmk., Type 1, condition varies but many are fine-very fine and well worth examining (Scott #69/95). Est. 1,500-2,000

SOLD for $2,400.00
Will close during Public Auction
2387 c S.G. #112/142 S.G. #112/142, 1937-50 King George VI cover collection of 39 covers ranging from commercial usages to FDC's, includes some air mail covers, both commercial and scheduled for the 1947 first flight from Cayman Brac, we also note some of the small scarcer post offices as Little Cayman, West Bay, West End and The Creek, a few wartime censored covers and some postage due usages, fine-very fine (Scott #97/107). Est. 400-500

SOLD for $700.00
Will close during Public Auction

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