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Worldwide continued...

Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
1421 c imageWorldwide Missionary correspondence consisting of over 100 postal cards and postal envelopes, plus a few pieces of mint postal stationery, this largely centers around Moravian Missionaries in the West Indies, largely a Rev. Howard who was in various locations in the Danish West Indies (mostly West End on St. Croix) and Basseterre, St. Kitts, nearly all of these are turn-of-the-century period and within the West Indies, but some from the United States and Europe to the Caribbean, we note a fair amount of postal stationery of D.W.I. including several "1/Cent/1902" surcharges on 3c Red postal cards (Scott #UX8; $150.00 each) and a 4c Bisect cover from St. Thomas to West End, St. Croix, also a fair number of Leeward Islands stationery used from St. Kitts plus stationery from other West Indies countries, condition is rather mixed with some damaged, but fine-very fine are present as well; examine. (imagea) (Image) Est. $1,000-1,500

SOLD for $2,100.00
Will close during Public Auction
1422 c Zeppelin Posts of the world magnificent collection neatly mounted in five volumes containing over 250 flown covers plus numerous photo and view cards, starts with over 30 view cards of pioneer Zeppelins from very early dergibles to WWI airships, the flown covers consists of largely Germany, United States and South American countries plus other countries to which the Zeppelin traveled and for which the country often issued stamp, such as Iceland, Finland and Liechtenstein, also some better treaty state postings for various flights, the U.S. Round-the-World section deserves mentioning as there are numerous unusual and scarce frankings that make these normally relatively common covers very desirable, such as $2.00 Carmine and black (#547) and many with frankings of #C1-6 including many blocks and other large multiples, the collection traces many of the flights made by the Graf Zeppelin and includes two $1.30 and a $2.60 Zeppelin franked U.S. covers for the Pan-American Flight, German Zeppelin stamp frankings are numerous including a number with South America Flight stamps, the Polar Flight and Chicago Flight stamps on cover are complete for each issue and usually with more than one example of each, for example the scarce 4M Polar Flight stamp is found on two different covers from Friedrichshafen and Berlin, the last volume contains Hindenburg flights and later German flights, the collection is neatly annotated with numerous view cards, photographs and other collateral complementing the flown covers, throughout the covers are clean and attractive, fine-very fine; an exceptional collection kept intact because of its excellent presentation and desirability; ex-Bleuler. Est. $5,000-7,500

SOLD for $17,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
1423 c Worldwide Zeppelin cover accumulation, a rather eclectic but interesting lot of over 30 flown covers plus a few Zeppelin cards and and commemorative covers, largely early United States with three of the 1928 America Flight including an A.C. Roessler cacheted cover with the infamous "Graf Zeppelin" overprint on the 1c, then an exceptionally attractive array of seventeen covers and cards of the Round-the-World Flight, of particular interest is the better and unusual frankings found including one with the $2.00 Carmine and black (#547) and another with two complete booklet panes of the 10c Lindbergh issue (#C10a) plus others, other countries include several of Germany including a Rhein-Main "Gelber Hund" card, a Japanese posting on the Round-the-World Flight and others; also includes a number of pictures of the Zeppelins, many printed but there are ten original press photographs that are not the usual views that one sees of the "Graf Zeppelin", overall fine-very fine and well worth examining; ex-Bleuler. Est. $750-1,000

SOLD for $2,700.00
Will close during Public Auction
1424 c Worldwide First Flight and air post cover accumulation consisting of about 25 post cards with illustrations of pioneer air planes, most are from around 1910 with about half posted, also five original press photographs of Costes and Bellonte then over 85 flown covers from around the world with some interesting items, includes a nice French Balloon Monte of the the Siege of Paris flown on "Le Neptune", several 1911 Coronation Flight cards of Great Britain, eight Philippines Army flights from the 1920's, plus numerous later flight covers, some of the areas we note include Newfoundland, various European countries and Australasian countries including New Zealand, condition varies but most are fine-very fine and a nice lot of desirable aero-philatelic material; ex-Bleuler. Est. $1,000-1,500

SOLD for $3,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
1425 c Worldwide Dornier "Do-X" collection of thirteen flown covers plus photographs and photo view cards, includes ten covers posted on the transatlantic flight of 1930-31 including two each of German and Brazil including a mixed franking with Brazil of Colombia and Ribon Express, three Switzerland postings including one with fifteen air mail stamps that have a catalog value in Scott of $465.00, also three Surinam postings with special overprinted stamps including one to Haiti, plus three later European flights including a Swiss 1932 Zurich-Altrhein Flight and two German postings on the 1933 Passau-Switzerland flight, one particularly interesting aspect of this collection are a dozen original photographs up to 8x12 inches in size showing the plane and crew, also ten photo cards of the plane, five of which are signed by Clara Adams, aviatrix who avidly flew the world on the Zeppelins and the "Do-X" (one of the large original photos shows her, the only woman, in a picture with the crew and a large group of dignitaries in front of the 27th precinct of the New York Police Department), all are fine-very fine; a fascinating lot for the collector of this huge six-engine flying boat; ex-Bleuler. Est. $750-1,000

SOLD for $1,800.00
Will close during Public Auction
1426 ogc Worldwide Polar collection of stamps, covers, cards and other memorabilia, a rather eclectic collection in five large binders that includes both North Pole and South Pole material, two volumes are devoted to the Byrd and Peary expeditions with covers and view cards including 28 rather early view cards of various polar expeditions, of particular significance is a collection of stamps mounted on pages that include the popular countries that related to the Antarctic including Falkland Island and Dependencies, British Antarctic Territories, Australian Antarctic Territories, South Georgia and French Southern and Antarctic Territories, all of these collections are quite comprehensive, Falkland has some early issues but is lacking the better values, the other areas start with their first issues and are collected into the 1980's, the total catalog value is actually quite substantial, o.g., fine-very fine; an interesting collection of this fascinating part of the world; ex-Bleuler. Est. $2,000-3,000

SOLD for $4,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
1427 c Worldwide Polar related cover accumulation, plus some covers from remote islands of the world including Tristan da Cunha, includes a total of over 400 covers plus another 58 turn-of-the century post cards showing early views of polar exploration including a series of views of Cook's and Peary's expedition to the North Pole, most of the covers relate to countries near the Antarctic, of particular interest is 130 covers of French Southern and Antarctic Territories including expedition covers with first air mails and a FDC of the scarce #28, other covers include Australian Antarctic Territories, Falkland Islands and Dependencies and much more, all are fine-very fine and many desirable items will be found here; ex-Bleuler. Est. $1,000-1,500

SOLD for $2,800.00
Will close during Public Auction
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
1428 c Worldwide picture post card large accumulation of over 950 cards from around the world, many are from the classic post card period with with quality cards multicolor cards showing a variety subjects such as military and royalty with an interesting and scarce selection of Napoleon, attractive "Gruss Aus" cards from Europe, Africa is well represented with various countries including the German Colonies with a few used from there during that period, numerous cards from Egypt, plus Japan and other popular areas, also includes some actual photo cards and some series from printers such as Tucks, plus such unusual items as the design made with embroidered silk, etc., condition varies but the vast majority are fine-very fine; requires examination to see the many quality and unusual item here; ex-Bleuler. Est. $1,500-2,000

SOLD for $4,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
1429 c Worldwide picture post card accumulation of over 1,000 post cards, largely from Great Britain and Europe but we also note far reaching areas such as Australia, Central and South American countries, Canada and others, we even note one used from Samoa used in the German Colony period, nearly all are scenic views from the turn of the century to the 1930's and 1940's with virtually no greeting cards, we note a wide range of subjects including landmarks of the country, early street scenes with cars and buses, plus trains and ships and lots of bridges, the majority are unused but postally used will be found throughout, condition varies but the vast majority are fine-very fine. Est. $200-300

SOLD for $500.00
Will close during Public Auction
1430 c Worldwide Stamp card collection/accumulation of over 250 post cards featuring stamps from countries around the world, nearly all are multicolor and the largest portion are the famous Zieher cards produced in Munich, Germany including both embossed and non-embossed types, includes other manufactures as well including some that are rarely seen, a few are used but the vast majority are mint; in addition there is a set of twelve cards from around the turn of the century that are not post cards that have used classic stamps quite accurately reproduced in near actual size, plus two series of Twinings Ibex House tiny collector product cards featuring a stamp rarity on each, a total of 60 cards complete, condition is quite nice being fine-very fine with very few exceptions; a a lovely accumulation of these popular and colorful cards; ex-Bleuler. Est. $750-1,000

SOLD for $1,900.00
Will close during Public Auction
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
1431 c Worldwide postal stationery accumulation consisting of several hundred mint and used 19th and 20th century postal cards and envelopes, plus a few wrappers and registry envelopes, includes a wide range of material with some better items throughout, some of the areas we note include Netherlands and colonies, Latin America that includes used as well as mint, Australasian countries such as new Zealand, Japan including 19th century issues and much more, condition varies but a large portion are fine-very fine or better; ex-Bleuler. Est. $300-400

SOLD for $1,500.00
Will close during Public Auction

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